The brain in need

Brain in need ..   Will you be there When in need To cover up all   Which have been accumulated   I tell  that you It has been Struggling all the way To save the knowledge   Knowing how what where To be handled Still stay with me When is a lot   Too kindFortsätt läsa ”The brain in need”

Wearing characters

TUMMY TALK   Did not want to wake up so earlyHence it is Sunday todayMoving slowly to not awake others hopefullyDo i need to think about it oftenWearing charactersGetting torn and tearSaying to get noticedYour own flowA while ago had an innocent open mindPaving the ways which foundTaking some rest when tired then continueTo beFortsätt läsa ”Wearing characters”

Förstår du mig

Inte jag heller   Förstår du miginte jag hellervad ska det kallas?känslor som känns omkringförstår du migDet vet duVar den befinna sigalltid på sin platsdet vet duRör den vidGe också signalkommer den att trivas?med prat i närhetenrör den vidvad kallas vinär det händergör vi om igenunderbära är vi tillsammanskallar vi dem   Where are youFortsätt läsa ”Förstår du mig”


A beautiful path that do not know whoever passing through there might be a drunker loved ones caring people or anybody with any character or behavior or even things and any living organism and non living organism and still there could talk if they let you talk who knows that you want to talk orFortsätt läsa ”YOU THERE”

Do,do it

DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT Teach me how to know him in real if not how he used to look like if not how he used to smell like if not how he used to touch me Teach me hot to know her in real if not howFortsätt läsa ”Do,do it”


Could be the name of a thing if not my name why you exist i abandoned you still picked up again never became too powerfull to be enjoyed Do no not tear me Far from the rest But you are there Using but not me Opening it up with lots of laughter you do notFortsätt läsa ”JEALOUSY”


Old LOVE is new The TIME spent The words SPOKEN But STILL Old LOVE is new CARING för each other HANDLE one another And being there That MAKES The old LOVE new FORGIVE the wrong doings FORGET what hurts REMEMBER friend in Need is Old LOVE and New FACING any available challenges CORRECTING the mistakesFortsätt läsa ”Cameraman”

Thank you because

You are not with me You are not with meTo be sure there is somebody elseIn your lifeI am neither jealous nor curiousWhere or what you areThe hit and run occasions thou   The hit and ran occasions thou Might be there when I am sad Just to remind myself If not you then whatFortsätt läsa ”Thank you because”


Vi känner varandra i många år Vi känner varandra i många årVad sägs om vi gå åt olika hållJag behöver välkomna frågorFast jag inte vill veta svarenDUMHETE är inte MITT favorit ordMen jag saknar det jättemycketVarför är det inte lika ROLIGT längeMåste man JAGA fascinerade stunderFör att upplever ingetingRäkna vi med FANTASI som ett märkeDåFortsätt läsa ”SAMVETE”


ettan idag, tvåan imorgon, trean i övermorgon!


I have been longing to know you Plan to see and enjoy you Please do not turn your back on us  Choklad Choklad choklad choklaaaad choklad choklad choklaaaadchoklad choklad choklaaaadchoklad choklad choklaaaad Loading ….


It is actually the impression of the surrounding that matters as it seems / W. B To touch it as much as it seems or to step into it and not falling so dearly the smoking clouds are